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Supporting Achievement in U.S. History Volume 1
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Supporting Achievement in U.S. History, Volume 1, which covers the Founding Era through the Roaring Twenties, contains resources for teachers to use in preparing students for the U.S. History End of Course (EOC) exam based on the TEA’s Accessed Curriculum and Blueprint documents for this test. 

The teacher’s spiral-bound book and the students’ digital materials include various resources organized into eight units, reflecting the eras in the U.S. history course’s TEKS. A multitude of options for using the resources before, during, and after original instruction is outlined. A suggested schedule for a summer-school curriculum is included. Each era includes the following components:

  1. A Pretest and Posttest activity
  2. The Summary:
    1. The Schedule (timeline)
    2. The Scoop (main points to know about that era)
    3. The Slate (list of significant individuals, events, and quotes)
    4. The Scheme (how it connects to previous eras or following eras)
  3. The Story: Student text explaining the content connected to the TEKS from this era of U.S. history
  4. The Source: Primary source analysis activities
  5. The So-What: Why is this era important? How does it connect to me?
  6. The Spiral: Students evaluate the era based on America’s founding ideals
  7. Sorting Cards (includes term, description, and significance/results/impact)
  8. Instructional ideas for teachers for application of resources before, during, and after original instruction
  9. Three sample EOC items for student practice

Student materials are provided as digital content online through with a user license set up at time of purchase. Files can be projected or printed for classroom use.

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